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I'm Hannah Thacher, founder of ProjectConfidence207 located in the beautiful state of Maine. I'm just a regular mom with 3 jobs trying to live out her dream of owning a business with amazing inventory, low prices, and a clear strong goal to help others feel confident with who they truly are.  


I create custom prints and logos on MERCH for brands, Field Staff Fleets, Events, individuals, families, friends, couples. Really anyone who wants to brand merchandise or commemorate a special occasion. Turn life's most special moments in to wearable , memories to experience again & again.


You dream it. I will create it. 

My Philosophy

I profoundly believe that a single act of kindness can change a person's whole world. This is my lens - The way I live and the way I run my business every day.

Confidence is not about being the best. Confidence is about feeling good about yourself as who you truly are. The inventory within my store is designed to make all people, regardless of size, shape, gender, skin color, hair color, culture, sexual orientation, or style choice feel as though they have affordable options to shine. 

Since day one, PC207 has provided customers with the highest quality products at the lowest prices around. 99% of all products listed are FREE SHIPPING. I strive to achieve an ever-improving Product-market-Fit by paying close attention to customer's requests, likes and, needs and making a constant effort to come from a place of yes to always be the solution.


Our store is synonymous with quality, and we endeavor to supply a continual stream of new and diverse product options including one of a kind, limited edition, and seasonal items designed for every budget.


Check it out! I sincerely hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy creating it for you! If there is ever something you are looking for that you don't see here feel free to reach out Customs are my absolute favorite!


Don't forget to check out the Mystery Box section. Here's a prize for reading this long letter.. Enter PROMO CODE:  " LASTTHING " for 25% off your first purchase of $50 or more.


Use PROMO CODE:   " 1MORETHING " for 10% off your first clothing purchase over $25. 

Sincerly yours,  Hannah

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